Are you tired of your everyday monotonous work life?

And are looking for a way to escape the city lights in order to find solace & comfort in nature’s natural bounty!!!

Well, Manali is the place for you!

Nestled in the laps of the Himalayan Mountains, Manali is a beautiful resort town of Himachal Pradesh. With a population of just about 8000 people, it’s a center of peace, meditation, & tranquillity.

It’s “a go-to place” for the hopeless romantics who want to witness the quiet music of gently falling snow on sun-kissed December days.

However, what sets Manali apart from…

These days waking up feels like breaking up with your muscles.

You can’t get out of bed without straining a muscle or two.

They stretch, ache, yell, and die in the bed.

But you get up! Tell yourself to forget the pain; there are things to do!

You wish for a cup of tea to show up on its own.

But you come face to face with a pile of dirty dishes instead.

Waiting for their MASTERS to wake up, fold their dreams, shrug off their laziness, and clear the mess.

The chaos in the Kitchen makes you dizzy! Your…

When I was a child with curious big eyes

And a mind too naive, ready to absorb

Anything that the nature had to provide

I looked at the sky, oh so blue & white!

I looked through the forests, lush green & free!

I looked into the oceans, blue, bubbling with life!

And then I would close my eyes

Fill my lungs with the fresh healing breeze of the times


But now I see, there are kids like how I used to be

Naive & trusting; stuck at home, watching the media cry

There is nothing for them outside

Nothing left within the nature to care for them & provide

They wear masks during the day

And stare at their phones…

When I was a little girl my mother used to tell me whatever is good for your stomach is good for your skin too. She would say, whenever you feel confused just ask yourself, “is it good for my guts?”. If yes, then go ahead and apply it to your face.

But times have changed! Haven’t it?

We live in a crazy work-frenzy competitive Environment where stress plays a major role in deteriorating our skin. Our fast lives don’t always allow us the luxury of exercising regularly, cooking & eating healthy food, and looking our very best at all times.

On top of that, we hide…

“Oh, look at her!”

“Look at her gorgeous red Silk Sari!”

“How old is she?”

“What a glow on her face!”

“What did you say her name was?”

“Kanchan! Ahh, such a nice name!”

“Hello Kanchan, how are you doing today?”

“Hey, Kanchan what are you doing all dressed up like a bride?”

“Aren’t you a little too young for this marriage?”

Kanchan didn’t care to answer any of them.

Of course, they were all concerned about her well-being but now wasn’t the right time to bother her with such dumb questions.

She was getting married, and nothing, not even…

A soft nest of silk

Tied to the branches of a tree

Where you can lay down for a while

And forget the complexities of LIFE

The rays of the sun gently falls upon your face

From behind the filters of lush green leaves

Not scarring you with their scorching flame

But deluding your senses with their motherly warmth

Your feet dangling from the silken bed

Brushing against the leaves still moist with the morning mist

And as you fade away into a dreamless sleep

A waft of cold breeze,

Cradling the aroma of Jasmine Flowers

Passes over your head

Reminding you of a dearly lover

You once Loved & Left

I imagine myself in a big room. I Am not alone. There are a lot of people around me. I watch them talk in loud voices, dance in couples, eat peanuts from strangers’ plates , and smile & click pretty pictures of one another. Suddenly, someone focuses their camera lens at me. I try to smile but end up looking weirder than I actually am.

To save myself from embarrassment, I tighten my grip around a glass am holding. I take a sip from the cold clear heavenly tasting mojito. …

Winters remind me of a silly place called HOME!

My mother would wake me up at 6 in the morning, saying, “you have slept too much, already.”

She would keep on calling my name until the time I threw my blankets, washed my face, and got myself a warm glass of lemon water.

Then, I would go upstairs, sit next to her on one of those old yet sturdy Nilkamal chairs, and gossip about what’s happening in the neighborhood, and which auntie is fighting whom.

As soon as the clock strikes 7, she starts fidgeting in her chair, losing interest…

Tinder: It’s a Match!

Nidhi (9:00) : What I like about Online dating is that you can never get stuck with a stupid person for more than 5 minutes. If they are weird, you block them! You cannot do that in real life.

Prabhav (9:02) : Well, I don’t know. I have never been great at shutting people out. Also, secretly, I am a believer of Second Chances, and I give them as easily as people give apologies these days. …

I have been trying to come up with this blog-post for a while now. But I couldn’t get myself to sit down, focus and write.

Every morning I woke up with thoughts of conjuring great pieces of articles that would blow my readers’minds. But the moment I opened Medium, or any renowned blogging platform, I lost myself to the delicately knitted webs of words, stitched together by a coterie of amazing writers.

No matter what topic I chose to write about, the internet was already over-spilling with information on it. …

Ackansha Deoli

Ask me no questions and I tell you no lie!

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