Ackansha Deoli
4 min readJul 26, 2019


From kids to adults, everyone loves watching a good advertisement. They intrigue us and make us believe why we should leave the safety of old brands, and try experimenting with the new dynamic ones. Let me give you an example from real life. Yesterday, I was in a supermarket, looking for hair-products to help me get rid of hair fall. There, I picked up a shampoo that I had never used before, yet remembered from watching on a Television commercial. The commercial was about a boy escaping his girlfriend’s room, hanging down through the length of her hair. The way the brand had pulled the ad was witty enough to find abode & stick in my memory.

Humorous or Romantic or Imaginative: supermarkets are filled with brands, competing against each other for consumers’ attention. What pulls us towards a product and makes us choose it over others is our understanding of its journey, and the extent to which we are able to relate with it. After all, when it comes to reaching more people and becoming memorable in their conscience, creativity goes a long way.

This is why brands around the world are making conscientious efforts towards fusing varied elements of imagination, surprise, and story-telling into their video advertising strategies.

And how do we know that we are doing more than just fine?

See, we are only halfway through 2019, but have already witnessed some of the best pieces of world-class video advertising. We, therefore, thought of pulling them all together in this one blog post to inspire advertisers and bring out the best in them.

Here are the top 5 videos that could successfully capture people’s mood by creating win-win visual content for all their viewers.

1. Budweiser “Stand by me”

It is true that in order to catch your audiences’ attention you will have to create advertisements that are unparalleled, groundbreaking and have never been seen before. However, building a strong & unique brand identity requires more than just creative advertising.

Remember: It is only when grand initiatives are backed by grander advertisements that a brand becomes truly great.

This is why Budweiser tops our list.

Budweiser created a heart touching video around their employees, who distributed more than 79 million cans of drinking water, to US cities hit by natural disaster. All this with “Stand By Me” playing in the backdrop.

2. Coca-Cola “The wonder of us”

Earlier, people didn’t travel much and knew very little about the world outside their bubble. However, today, with globalization becoming a buzz word, the world has shrunken and people, once separated by ethnicity, race, and religion, have come together, in one place, accepting their own identities while making peace with others’.

This is why Coca-Cola has come up with “The wonder of us”, to remind how each one of us is unique in their own special ways.

And how every individual is free to grab another Coke and enjoy diversity.

3. Apple Earth “Shot on iPhone”

While Carl Sagan told us “The earth is a very small stage”, Apple showed us how to catch it in lenses.

By connecting bits and pieces of nature together, Apple brought a wide & beautiful spectrum of life alive on our screens. What other brands could learn from Apple is their aspiration to take technology and environment together. While trying to make sense of the entire nature, Apple told us how dynamic and powerful their products are. It is their way of reminding everyone that although technology cannot create life, it can in fact make lives simpler.

4. Nike “What will they say about you?”

When it comes to advertisements, none can compete with Nike. They are experts at creating such inspiring ads that stir up people emotionally and make them look at their societies differently. “What will they say about you” is another gem from Nike that says,

you should be where your heart is, without caring about what the others would say about your choices.

It asks women to come out of their house, break the stereotypes and follow their passions. Passion, as Nike rightly hints, is not feminine or masculine, but gender-neutral; something that inspires you to break the boulders and rise above the average.

5. Burger King Bullying Jr.

In this beautifully staged social experiment, people who overlooked bullying were served bullied whooper. Of course, they didn’t like it and complained to the management about the bad state of their whoopers. But the Burger King staff gently puts them right by reminding them how they were okay watching a person get bullied, but can’t take the staff bullying their burgers.

Wrapping up quickly…

Advertisements are a great way to reach your consumers in a style that best describes your brand, find a niche audience for yourself and speak directly to them with a rememberable message. If your advertisement can get down in their hearts, you can connect with them. So much so that they would never want to leave your brand.