To a New Year’s eve!!

Ackansha Deoli
2 min readJan 1, 2021


I imagine myself in a big room. I Am not alone. There are a lot of people around me. I watch them talk in loud voices, dance in couples, eat peanuts from strangers’ plates , and smile & click pretty pictures of one another. Suddenly, someone focuses their camera lens at me. I try to smile but end up looking weirder than I actually am.

To save myself from embarrassment, I tighten my grip around a glass am holding. I take a sip from the cold clear heavenly tasting mojito. Its freshness works upon me like magic; pulls me out of my slumber.

Now, I can feel my feet tapping to the rhythm of Summer of 69. Bryan Adams, how can I ever resist him! So, I pull my lazy-self up and make a move towards the dance floor. My eyes searching through the crowd, looking for some kind of assurance. They finally rest on a guy with a pretty face, standing on the third stair from the top, and looking right at me like an angel. I like his attention. I wish he would continue to look at me….

But, I really don’t want him to come up and strike a conversation. I don’t like that talking & sharing shit! Also, I don’t like turning people down, esp. the ones I like. So, I had to tell my mind to not look into his direction, to find something else to latch on to, and to dance. All alone, until my heel begins to ache. Ouch!

My heart is thumping too hard. It is telling me, “honey, you aren’t 18 anymore, go home, sweetheart!”. So, I take a parting look at the boy on the stairs. I like the fact that he is still looking at me. But, this time he make a gesture, saying, “you dance well”. This, accompanied by a big bright smile. Oh boy!

He starts walking towards me, and this is exactly when I slip out of the room. Now, I am in a cab; I pull down the glasses. It is cold outside; the breeze hits me on the face. I think about the guy on the stairs; about how lovely he looked when he smiled. What if he were sitting here right next to me? What if I weren’t going home alone today? What if….