The Pandemic through the lens of a WRiTER!

Ackansha Deoli
2 min readFeb 7, 2022


Writing to get accustomed to the New Normal

I got so busy writing “Marketing Copies” that I completely forgot to write “Real Life Stories”.

Working remotely the line between home & calm and work & chaos got so blurred that I found it difficult to either work or to chill.

I would think about “nearing deadlines” when reading a charming book by Ruskin Bond. And, would long to cook “Red Sauce Pasta ” when writing a stressful blog on cryptocurrency.

Now, every emotion seems to topple over the other.
It looks as if I have lost control over most things in life!

And yet, all I feel is a STATIC! A constant static following me wherever I go…Buzzing in my ears whenever I pick up the phone to say ..hELLO..

This gush of uncertainties would have definitely overwhelmed me on pre-covid days. But now, all I feel is NOTHING!

The pandemic made it worse by killing in us the ability to experience any surge or drop of emotions. Now, every win seems ok, and every loss feels alright.

There is indeed a bit of anxiety that hits me now and then, I wouldn’t lie!
But nothing too strong to shut down my systems.

As a writer who doesn’t have a huge friend circle, not much has changed in terms of enjoying life. But the difficulty lies in accepting the idea that you no longer have the Liberty to exercise your right to choose between going out and staying home.

It’s like you wouldn’t wear a bikini if you didn’t want to, but you wouldn’t listen to a random stranger advising you not to.

If you read that carefully, you would understand the difference between choosing to lead a boring life and forcing someone to stay bored.

Having the choice makes all the difference to a writer!

And with that gone, the New Normal feels awful!