Is too much of Zoom hampering your productivity? What is the next best Alternative?

What is Asynchronous Video Communication?

  1. You are tired of back to back Zoom calls that seem to go for hours on end.
  2. You would rather sit down and work than sift through coworkers’ calendars to find free slots to set up meetings & appointments.
  3. Work from home has become synonymous with writing & deciphering long cryptic emails.
  4. Instant messages, emails, and zoom meetings pop up every time you finally try to focus on the work you have been hired for.
  5. You badly miss the “Coffee time encouragement” bites shared so freely amongst team-members in the workplace.
  6. Wifi issue hampering long video calls.

Here is how you can use videos to communicate asynchronously.

Pre Recorded / Meeting Videos

Avoid a video call for every little thing



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