Is too much of Zoom hampering your productivity? What is the next best Alternative?

What kind of digital communication & collaboration tools has your company been using amongst employees to maintain business continuity in the current COVID19 climate?

Instant messaging, Emails, and Video Conferencing Platforms?

Instant messaging is impersonal. Emails require heaps of typing to explain a simple point. Too much of zoom meetings can cause Video Burnout.

I am not saying that you should completely give up these above-mentioned communication platforms. In fact, as an organization looking to grow & expand quickly, you must have a knack for mixing tools and getting the best out of each one.

Your employees should know when is the best time to write an email and which clients are worth the video call!

Now, here is the Video twist!

Zoom lets you get into webinars and live video calls. But have you ever thought/heard of the Asynchronous mode of video communication? If you haven’t, go and explore tools like the StoryXpress Recorder to create personalized+professional video message bites. This efficient screen & webcam recorder lets you capture your face & desktop screen together and market your message with an instant sharable link.

What is Asynchronous Video Communication?

Asynchronous video communication is simple, effective, and employee-friendly. You record a video message and share it with the concerned team member. If he/she is busy working on another project, they can get back & respond to your video in a good time.

Asynchronous videos are a respectful way of reaching out and collaborating with your prospects, customers, and team members. It helps virtual teams quickly share ideas or information, or personalized feedback with one another in an interactive and easy to process manner.

If the answer to most of the below-mentioned statements is a yes, you and your colleagues need to switch to asynchronous video communication right now:

  1. You are tired of back to back Zoom calls that seem to go for hours on end.
  2. You would rather sit down and work than sift through coworkers’ calendars to find free slots to set up meetings & appointments.
  3. Work from home has become synonymous with writing & deciphering long cryptic emails.
  4. Instant messages, emails, and zoom meetings pop up every time you finally try to focus on the work you have been hired for.
  5. You badly miss the “Coffee time encouragement” bites shared so freely amongst team-members in the workplace.
  6. Wifi issue hampering long video calls.

Lately, my friends and colleagues have been rambling on about work from home being a challenge, and how too much of zoom been giving them headaches. Every time, they get down to work, a new notification asking them to join a video meeting pops up, thus, leaving them too drained for the real work.

But, since the situation cannot be changed for a while now, it is important that we find out ways to stay motivated, productive, and happy.

This is why I am down to writing this blog. I want to encourage sales, marketing, and customer success professionals to use asynchronous video communication in their day-to-day business to make remote working so much more effective & smooth.

Here is how you can use videos to communicate asynchronously.

Pre Recorded / Meeting Videos

Everyone has been complaining about this zoomedout sentiment. In the absence of in-person meetings, video conferencing apps have become everyone’s go-to tools for connecting & collaborating with remote teams.

But are you sure you are making the most of video communication by singularly relying on the synchronous mode of communication? Because I think not! So many times, employees join these video meetings with zero ideas of what is going to happen?

The idea here is to help you successfully implement the asynchronous mode of video communication amongst your teams

Pre meeting Videos or pre recorded videos acquaint everyone on the team with the agenda, give them the time to make constructive thoughts around the subject and help them come fully prepared for the discussion.

How does it work? Everyone records a video and shares it with the team at least an hour before entering a Zoom meeting so everyone knows what to expect. PS: when Asynchronous video communication precedes the synchronous one, individuals feel empowered and could bring different perspectives to the table

Avoid a video call for every little thing

If a message could be delivered with the same grace, emotions, insight, and information as through a video call, then why not?

Many a time I face the dilemma of whether or not I should invite a coworker to a video meeting to discuss a tiny glitch. Emailing them the “issue” seems like a good idea. But at times, replicating the same problem in emails or on texts gets really difficult.

What I need in those moments is a quick video interaction with the concerned colleague that can briefly yet clearly explain to them the exact mess.

Let us take an example from a real-life situation. Often, in a company, Customer Success Professionals have to talk with the Product Team to understand a certain technical glitch that their users might be facing; to come to a feasible solution that can be shared with the customers ASAP.

It is an interdependent process. The two UNITS cannot work in the absence of each other. However, apart from the customer query resolution, there are many other functions that Customer Success and the Product Teams perform independently.

Therefore, it is not always very convenient to set up a video call for every tiny misunderstanding or customer query or bug. It takes the Product Team’s entire focus away from “Product development”. Vice versa holds true as well.

The best way to deliver your message without distracting the other person from their routine work is to create short video bites explaining the matter and to share them with the concerned co-worker just as you would share an email.

How are asynchronous videos better than zoom video calls? Well, there is the effectiveness of videos minus the intrusiveness of live video meetings.

Wrapping up:

Well, isn’t it time you switched to asynchronous Video Communication? Let me know in the comments sections.




Ask me no questions and I tell you no lie!

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Ackansha Deoli

Ask me no questions and I tell you no lie!

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