Enjoy while there still is Tea left in your cup!

Ackansha Deoli
2 min readJun 15, 2021


These days waking up feels like breaking up with your muscles.

You can’t get out of bed without straining a muscle or two.

They stretch, ache, yell, and die in the bed.

But you get up! Tell yourself to forget the pain; there are things to do!

You wish for a cup of tea to show up on its own.

But you come face to face with a pile of dirty dishes instead.

Waiting for their MASTERS to wake up, fold their dreams, shrug off their laziness, and clear the mess.

The chaos in the Kitchen makes you dizzy! Your shoulders droop a little. Your spirit gives out a silent cry.

Your body reminds you there is still a way to escape all this: go back to sleep, darling!

But your heart, that crazy little fella, that doesn’t know how to give up, pumps up your mood with the idea of A CHAI.

Even the idea of it can fill you up with renewed happiness & energy.

Now that the house has been cleaned, and there is a cup of tea in sight, you pull off the curtains, spread out your lazy bums on the couch, and drink.

Don’t you agree, Morning tea is a victory for the common man!