A Soft Trap !

Ackansha Deoli
2 min readMay 22, 2020


He tells me… in his heart he is clear about all the love & miseries and that in this life & death, he would do nothing to win me & my luxuries.

But then he bends his head to his right and asks me with a hint of a smile “Why do you take roses from the men who are yet to learn about your love for Lilies?”

I shake my head in disbelief and tell him to go and leave me be me. But he insists he likes my fury and would give everything to see me ill at ease.

I question him not on how he is different from the men who want to take me home and he answers me never that he wishes to be “the only man” I choose to go home with.

Sometimes I let him kiss me. Kiss me like I were his wife! Why would I even push him… when the secret he relishes deep in his heart, oh I guard it with my life!

In the moment when the world sees us together, I am no more lost and weak; I am paired with the strength of his; I am paired like two lovers need be.

I wonder what they see when they look at the two of we?

Do they see a pair with its feet dangling deep in the sea or the two soaring hearts fluttering up above the skies, against the far far stretched blue oceans?

He takes my hand in his and walks me up to the beach; he picks up a washed down shell to show me an old magic trickery.

I look surprised and staggered, though I have had seen many a man do the trick, yet now when I know it is He who is the magic, I am awed like before I have never been.

Slipping his hands under my waist he pulls me down softly. I fall but not until he is prepared to gallantly sweep me off my feet.

And finally when I care to speak of how much he means to me, he seals our love with a kiss, thus, making me forget, the superfluous, the unsaid and the frivolities.

Then when we are tired of being friends, I let go off all the pretensions; he cradles me on his laps and I let him caress my subsistence.

He has ensnared me in a trap, too sharp and too smooth for my liking, for even after when he has loosened his grips, I still want him wrapped, well, all around me.