A soft nest of silk

Tied to the branches of a tree

Where you can lay down for a while

And forget the complexities of LIFE

The rays of the sun gently falls upon your face

From behind the filters of lush green leaves

Not scarring you with their scorching flame

But deluding your senses with their motherly warmth

Your feet dangling from the silken bed

Brushing against the leaves still moist with the morning mist

And as you fade away into a dreamless sleep

A waft of cold breeze,

Cradling the aroma of Jasmine Flowers

Passes over your head

Reminding you of a dearly lover

You once Loved & Left

I imagine myself in a big room. I Am not alone. There are a lot of people around me. I watch them talk in loud voices, dance in couples, eat peanuts from strangers’ plates , and smile & click pretty pictures of one another. Suddenly, someone focuses their camera lens at me. I try to smile but end up looking weirder than I actually am.

To save myself from embarrassment, I tighten my grip around a glass am holding. I take a sip from the cold clear heavenly tasting mojito. …

Winters remind me of a silly place called HOME!

My mother would wake me up at 6 in the morning, saying, “you have slept too much, already.”

She would keep on calling my name until the time I threw my blankets, washed my face, and got myself a warm glass of lemon water.

Then, I would go upstairs, sit next to her on one of those old yet sturdy Nilkamal chairs, and gossip about what’s happening in the neighborhood, and which auntie is fighting whom.

As soon as the clock strikes 7, she starts fidgeting in her chair, losing interest…

Tinder: It’s a Match!

Nidhi (9:00) : What I like about Online dating is that you can never get stuck with a stupid person for more than 5 minutes. If they are weird, you block them! You cannot do that in real life.

Prabhav (9:02) : Well, I don’t know. I have never been great at shutting people out. Also, secretly, I am a believer of Second Chances, and I give them as easily as people give apologies these days. …

I have been trying to come up with this blog-post for a while now. But I couldn’t get myself to sit down, focus and write.

Every morning I woke up with thoughts of conjuring great pieces of articles that would blow my readers’minds. But the moment I opened Medium, or any renowned blogging platform, I lost myself to the delicately knitted webs of words, stitched together by a coterie of amazing writers.

No matter what topic I chose to write about, the internet was already over-spilling with information on it. …

A floundering economy and quickly depleting resources are the two ingredient recipe for failure.

These are challenging times for Businesses all over the world. Irrespective of their organizational sizes, managers are finding it hard to establish effective channels of communication & collaboration among team-members, from home.

I am a part of a startup myself, and thus fully understand how times like these can have a severe impact on business continuity & business growth.

The sudden enforcement of social distancing followed by work from home has made the situation even worse. …

Make money while you play Fifa on the PlayStation! Eyebrows raised, dying to exclaim, “Hey, but I am not even a professional gamer then how do I make money from playing!”

Well, you got me all wrong there!

I am not asking you to make money through Playstation. But to earn a recurring & profitable stream of income while doing what you like doing the most.

Affiliate marketing: Let me try explaining it to you with a personal example. I have a Quora following of 15k plus. I mostly answer questions around Video Marketing, lifestyle, and books.

Now, for a…

It is funny how these days every day is the same as the last one!

Before COVID hit the world, I was a Lark who enjoyed waking up as early as 6 AM. While reveling in the morning quiet I would drink cups of tea.

Morning’s was the only time I had had with me to ask myself those life-changing questions such as “where is my career headed to or what next?”

As the clock on my apartment’s wall drew nearer to number 10, I would ready myself for the work to be done and the expectations to be met.

He tells me… in his heart he is clear about all the love & miseries and that in this life & death, he would do nothing to win me & my luxuries.

But then he bends his head to his right and asks me with a hint of a smile “Why do you take roses from the men who are yet to learn about your love for Lilies?”

I shake my head in disbelief and tell him to go and leave me be me. …

What kind of digital communication & collaboration tools has your company been using amongst employees to maintain business continuity in the current COVID19 climate?

Instant messaging, Emails, and Video Conferencing Platforms?

Instant messaging is impersonal. Emails require heaps of typing to explain a simple point. Too much of zoom meetings can cause Video Burnout.

I am not saying that you should completely give up these above-mentioned communication platforms. In fact, as an organization looking to grow & expand quickly, you must have a knack for mixing tools and getting the best out of each one.

Your employees should know when…

Ackansha Deoli

Ask me no questions and I tell you no lie!

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